An American Soldier page 2

Here is the highlight of my day.  I found a little frog hopping along in the desert...after all the rain we had. He was cute, so I thought you would like to see him. Then he peed on me.

Miss you,
Here are some pictures of my new friend...Joe.  He likes lettuce but dislikes bathing. He makes funny gurgling (sp.) sounds when asked to do something he really wasn't excited about doing.
The real story: On our way to Baghdad yesterday, we refueled at this location.  The Iraqi's have already figured out the meaning of free enterprise.  They were offering Camel rides for 6 dollars. You can't sit on his hump. You have to sit behind the hump. I also got to feed the camel some lettuce.  He loved it!  He smelled funny, and made this really weird sound. But all in all... it was a great stress reliever. Enjoy, and try not to laugh!