JC Racing Team Report 2002

Saturday June 8th 

The Christmobile was back and looking good. We didn't get to test before race night, so we decided to make Saturday night our testing night at I-75 Speedway. We needed to get our sponsors some advertising time. And did we ever! We gave away about 5 jars of the great tasting Big Bob's BBQ Sauce to the race fans in the grandstands. We also gave away a toy racecar of the Christmobile.  This was the first time Brandon has ever been on the new racetrack and we haven't scaled out the new car yet. We checked it but we haven't scaled it out yet. 

With the Christmobile holding the track record for the fastest qualifying time and being the car to beat last year, its expected to be a competitive car. This adds pressure to this team to do as good as last years team. I think we will. 

Brandon qualified 11th out of 18 cars, not bad for his first time on the track. All he got to do was a few hot laps and he spun in the middle of  turns 3& 4 just like Doonie did last year.  So he found out real quick about the middle of 3& 4. 

He started on the inside in row 6 he was able to move up to 8th place and ran there in the top ten for most of the race. With about 10 laps to go the car was pushing, so he was running the high line.  He came up on a lap car and couldn't get down to go around him and the train of cars just went by. We finally found a hole and got him in it and he was able to finish 13th. 

Great Job Brandon! 

Thanks guys for your hard work! 

Thanks David for all your help, I don't know what I would have done without you! 


P.S. I'm not sure but someone said they heard on the radio that someone finally broke our record for the fastest qualifying time.

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