June 15th Race story


3rd place for the Christmobile!!!

Brandon finishes in 3rd place in heat race.  11th place in feature race.


Brandon started on the outside pole in the heat race and we had a shot at winning so we thought.  The #14 car did his job and held off the 316 and the 85.  Brandon said the Christmobile started to push and he just couldn’t do anything with the race leader the #14 car. 
Doonie Sizemore was able to get around Brandon to take 2nd place and he too said he just couldn’t do the job.  Our hats are off to the #14 car.  Good Job!


In The feature race Brandon started in 12 place and was able to move up to 8th place and stay there until something let go and he spun in turn 3&4 Doonie Sizemore car # 85 was behind him and had to stop, others was able to go around him. No Damage and Brandon is fine!