July 27th

It all started last week, the week before the KY Late Model Challenge Race. I told the team I wanted a good finish. Of course I always want a good finish. But I especially wanted a real good finish for that race.   Brandon had to go to out of town and we needed to test.  So we asked Doonie Sizemore if he could help. He said no problem and went with us on Thursday to test.  So with Brandon out of town Doonie was to drive the 316 Saturday July 27th race. 

Doonie drove the July 27th race and did a great job, he finished 5th. Thanks Doonie! 

The Challenge Race Aug 3rd 

Aug 3rd was a very hot day. Brandon had been out of town for about a week and missed testing so he didn't know how the car setup would feel.  We went to the track and went out for the hot laps. Brandon was fast and he said the car was good.  So we didn't go out for any more laps before qualifying.  Brandon just didn't get as good a lap as he did in the hot laps. So we qualified 13th for the big race. 

Brandon drove a great race and was able to stay out of trouble. Tom and the team had the car good Brandon said.

The last ten laps the brakes was all but gone and Brandon did a great job to stay out there and finish 5th.

To finish 5th for the last three races is great.

I want to thank everyone for their help and hard work. Thanks Guys!

Great Job!!!!

Please check our schedule for changes.