Hard weekend for the Christmobile! But we still got two top fives!


Well it all started when our Crew Chief  (Dan Sturgill) was in Texas and the Racecar in Kentucky. But the Christmobile looked good thanks to David Sturdivant, who took care of some needed paint and decal work. 


With Dan not at the race, things just seemed to be off the pace at the get go. Then the Christmobile didn’t want to start, the starter went out. So there we were ready to qualify and the starter didn’t work so we had to push the car, when other teams saw what we were doing some joined in and helped and she started right up.


The car was tight and when you’re tight you’re slow.  After a bad qualifying lap, we made some air pressure adjustments. The fast car dash was getting ready to run and we had to get out on the track, so we pushed the car out on the track again it started and Doonie was on his way! We led for a while but the car was still tight and after a while it started pushing up the track.  A car passed on the last lap so we finished 2nd in the fast car dash.



The guys worked on the car some more and we had to push her again for the feature race. We also made a spring change and that seemed to help a lot Doonie said.  We moved up after the start and went for the lead, but just couldn’t get around the 19 car for many laps.  The car started to fall back from 2nd to 3rd and ran there for a while.  The brakes over heated and then we fell back to 4th.    Doonie was able to hold 4th spot till the end. There was a caution and they had to stop the race to clean up the track and that gave the brakes time to cool.


“Doonie did a great job to get two top fives a 2nd and a 4th that night.  I was very proud of him and all the guys who worked so hard on the car and a special thanks to Daniel Sturgill, Dan’s son who got the fuel and took care of things for us.  He knew right where Dan had things.” Gary Sturdivant, said.

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