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2005 Schedule

Labor Day weekend races

Sept 5 Rockcastle finished 8th

Sept 7 Corbin Speedway finished 11th

Brandon Moncrief back in the 316. We had a top five going at Rockcastle 100 but fell back to 6th place with 4 laps to go when the car over heated and we spun in turn 4. The track said we finished 8th. I thought we had those other cars many laps down but it doesn't matter we ran better than we finished so I'm real happy with our finish. Brandon hasn't been in a race car for 3 years. His first time back to Rockcastle in over 3 years and run a 100 lap race and get into the top five is great I think!

The Sunday day we ran the 100 lap race at Corbin speedway finished 11th. Still have a problem with over heating. We need to check the motor to make sure we haven't hurt it. 

David Fields did a great job driving the 316 but he has decided to take a youth leader ship role at his church. Thanks David and Lonnie for all your hard work you guys did a great job. 

 Corbin Speedway  

Aug 5 Racing at Started 6th finished 6th  Rockcastle Speedway

Dave has done a great job with just 4 late model races under his belt he has 3 top tens and 1 DNF. The DNF wasn't his fault he had no where to go. 

Saturday July 2nd Started 14th Finished 9th

 Each week we have gotten better and our qualifying has showed it. But with the damage from last week we found ourselves working on the car Saturday morning. By the time we got to the track we didn't have much time to practice before qualifying. We  changed things and missed it so we had a bad qualifying lap and had to start 14th in the race. We changed things back to last weeks setup for the race and finished 9th. 

Saturday June 25th Corbin Speedway Started 7th DNF 14th

Saturday June 18th started 10 finished 7th

Friday May 20 7pm Relay For Life

Saturday May 21 Started 11th Finished 7th  David did a fine job. He said he learned a lot about the car. 

April  3    Newport Speedway  Started 9th Finished 8th  Newport TN Weather   

April 17   Anderson Speedway    Story        Anderson Weather
May 16   IRP Speedway   Started 30th finished 23rd      IRP Weather
May 22   Corbin Speedway Started 4th finished 11th

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